TrueConnect Features

Automated Meeting Prep

Never be unprepared again. TrueConnect automatically prepares you for every meeting by sourcing relevant company news, personal news, recent social media posts, and past meeting notes into one easy to read report.

Real-Time News Feed

TrueConnect automatically sources and curates relevant news articles and proactively recommends clients who would find the articles valuable. From there, you can send articles with the click of a button and TrueConnect will let you know when your email is opened and when your client views the article.

Proactive Touchpoint Recommendations

It’s our job to ensure you never miss an opportunity to connect. By tracking your email history, TrueConnect recommends when to reach out to clients and sources valuable touchpoints to ensure you’re not “just checking in.”

Auto Enriched Data

We all know the importance of keeping records up to date. TrueConnect automatically alerts you if a client or prospect changes jobs or if additional contact information is available.

Streamlined Implementation

Tired of spending thousands of dollars on software implementation? We were too… That’s why we designed TrueConnect in a way that streamlines the implementation process and ensures you’re up and running in minutes. Simply sign in with your existing email credentials and we'll do the rest.