Our Story

Born out of necessity

Five years ago, Founder and CEO, Mike Glaicar began what would be an endless search for sales software that would actually help his sales team sell more. While there were countless platforms that tracked sales activity, he couldn’t find a single one that helped salespeople add more value to their clients and ultimately sell more. As a result, salespeople were only using their software because it was mandated by management, leading to poor data quality, wasted time and effort, and decreased morale. After years of meeting hundreds of sales reps facing the same challenge, Mike decided to take things into his own hands and build the platform that he and the sales world so desperately needed. Welcome to TrueConnect.

Our cloud-based software allows our users to build stronger relationships with their clients by recommending ways they can always add value. Using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing, TrueConnect helps salespeople close more business, reduce client turnover, and maximize client lifetime value.

TrueConnect was created for salespeople, by salespeople. We understand the pain of using unintuitive and time-consuming sales software. After years of being disappointed by traditional sales tools, we set out to turn the sales industry upside down by finally providing a platform that actually helps salespeople sell more.